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Although the home lifts market developed many years ago, in recent years, with the maturity of elevator-related technologies, the decline of elevator costs caused by new technologies and materials, and the increasingly prominent problem of population aging in Australia, the domestic elevator market has radiated new opportunities. As the most essential supporting product of high-end residential and multi-story residential, the market has rapidly recognized a home lift. In the past two years, the consumer market of the home elevator in Australia has maintained rapid growth.

From the perspective of the home lift industry, the market demand for home elevators is strong, but the supply is limited. Home lift enterprises in the market are divided into three categories. One is home elevator companies with excellent brands, such as Swedish brand CIBES, whose products are reliable, designed, and developed for families and are top products in the industry, but the product price is relatively high, and many Australian families can’t afford; One is the local elevator companies in Australia, which used to be commercial elevator manufacturers. They simply change the elevator size and speed to manufacture home elevators, which is also relatively expensive. The last is the imported home elevators, mainly made in China. This kind of home elevator is fairly economical and safe, and the configuration is relatively high And can be customized to meet the Australian market.


Development status of home elevator Market:

This paper analyzes the development status and reasons for the home elevator market from two aspects of users and elevator enterprises.


(1) The extension of people’s material needs. With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, the living environment and

The requirements of the living environment are higher and higher. The dense living environment represented by the community and the live environment full of living noise can not meet people’s pursuit of high-quality living conditions. Therefore, villa communities and large-area private housing came into being. The emergence of the home elevator (villa lift) meets people’s living needs and solves the problem that it is difficult for the elderly to go upstairs and downstairs due to the aggravation of population aging; Second, due to the development of science and technology and the application of new technology, the cost of the home elevator is reduced, which can be affordable for some users and easy to operate; Third, it has become a symbol of the character of the owner of the villa or private house, which can meet and show his personalized needs.


Most enterprises are involved in the home elevator market. Affected by the development of the Australian real estate market in recent years and the saturation degree of the conventional elevator market, elevator enterprises actively explore new markets. Based on this, enterprises in the elevator industry have launched home elevator-related products to seize their market share.


The best home elevator should meet the following design requirements:


  1. Small space. The number of people living in villas or private houses is small. Under the condition of meeting the needs for daily use, the smaller the floor space, the better, and reduce the occupation of residential space as much as possible.


  1. Low noise. The noise generated during the operation of the elevator will impact people’s daily lives and sleep quality. Exposure to noise for a long time will cause adverse conditions such as mental failure and endanger their health.


  1. Self-rescue when trapped. When one person takes the home lift, the elevator stops due to failure or power failure, and there is no one at home, the passenger trapped self-rescue device or emergency power failure protection device can be used to realize safe self-rescue


Mainstream home lift technologies and products in the market at present:

  1. Drive the host. According to the driving mode, household elevators can be divided into traction-driven elevators and hydraulic elevators

Pressure-driven elevator, screw-driven elevator, and air elevator. Among them, traction-driven elevators and screw-driven elevators are more expensive than domestic elevators. The hydraulic drive elevator occupies a small space and does not need a machine room and pit, which is now being accepted by most Australian families; Due to the limited lifting height, low rated load, slow lifting speed, and high requirements for sealing structure and air pressure control, the utilization rate and promotion degree of air elevator is low.

  1. Aluminum alloy glass structure hoistway. In villas or private houses without reserved shaft space, an aluminum alloy shaft or steel structure shaft is adopted, which is safe and fast and reduces the impact on Residents’ daily lives. Moreover, the shaft installation is flexible and can meet the different needs of users


Elevators use a space maximization scheme. To meet the needs of minimizing the size of the domestic elevator shaft and maximizing the car space, and facilitating the regular access of wheelchairs and other medical equipment to the car, the use of hydraulic structure and screw structure can significantly improve the indoor space utilization.

  1. Self-rescue devise and power failure emergency protection device in the car. When the elevator stops due to failure, and there is no one at home, the trapped personnel can use the self-rescue device in the vehicle to rescue themselves; In the process of power failure, the elevator stops, and the emergency power failure device can enable passengers to get out of the car safely on the nearest floor.
  2. Door system. To meet customers’ needs, solve the door problems in a variety of hoistway layout schemes, and provide customers with a variety of door system options, conventional household elevators are generally used as hand-held doors. Now we provide customers with a variety of customized services. We also offer automatic split doors, automatic side doors, and automatic glass doors


Home elevator vs stair lift

A stair lift is a kind of elevator running on the side of stairs. The primary function is to help people with inconvenient movement (the disabled and the elderly) up and down the stairs at home.

Houses in some countries generally have stairs inside, but many homes do not have space for vertical stairs. To make it easy for people who are inconvenient to move up and down the stairs, some companies have launched elevators installed on the stairs.

The structure of the seat elevator is generally composed of the track, driving device, and seat. The driving device and hub are installed together. Therefore, the seat elevator is like a chair running on the trail from the appearance.


The structure of the stair lift is generally composed of a track and a seat walking on the path. The center itself is equipped with a driving device. The seat elevator is like a chair running on the trail from the appearance. It is effortless and convenient to take the stair lift chair. You just sit down and press the button on the armrest, and the seat starts to move. Run slowly and smoothly, very smoothly. The lift chair can automatically stop running when the hand leaves the button. Press the button again to continue walking. In addition, the safety is also excellent. People sitting on the chair are protected by a safety belt from falling down. The lifting seat can automatically stop when encountering obstacles. There is no need to worry about affecting power failure because the driving power supply uses a rechargeable battery.

Pros of a Stairlift

  1. No space occupation: traditional elevators need to reserve elevator shafts. Old buildings without reserved elevator shafts can install elevators on the outer wall. However, the corridor stair lift does not need to reserve installation space. It can be installed as long as the corridor width reaches 70cm and can be folded when not used, so the occupied area is small.
  2. Low energy consumption and maintenance cost: compared with traditional elevators, corridor stair lifts consume less power, and the power consumption is similar to that of ordinary hydraulic elevators, which is energy-saving and environment-friendly.
  3. Low noise and no light blocking: because the traditional screw elevator is noisy during operation, it may affect the rest of the residents. However, the corridor stairlift has low running noise and is installed in the corridor, not affecting the illumination.

Cons of Stair Lifts:

Inconsistent with house decoration

Because everyone’s aesthetic is different, the elevator equipped with stairs may reduce the beauty of stairs because the stair lift will leak out and cannot be covered, which will reduce the overall decorative effect of the house.

Can’t customize

If you use the home elevator, you can customize the elevator car’s material, size, and appearance. There are not many options for the stair elevator. Basically, all the elevator chairs have the same appearance, and you can’t even choose their color. Choose the home elevator because it is made of aluminum alloy glass, which can be selected in various colors which can be consistent with the decoration of your home.

Reduce the investment value of housing

The stair lift is mainly suitable for the elderly or people with mobility disabilities at home, but if the later buyers do not need the stair elevator, they will dismantle it, which will increase the cost of the buyer.

There are certain risks for children.

If there are children in your home, they may be curious to take the stair lift or touch the stair elevator because the stair elevator is completely exposed outside, which may bring them potential safety hazards. However, the home lift needs to press the button to run, and the button of the home lift is generally set in a place out of the reach of children, so it is relatively safe.

Occupied stair space

The stairs for families are relatively narrow. If the stair lift is installed, it will make walking difficult. If the stair lift cannot be used at home, family members need to walk, which will increase the risk of falling.

The price of traditional home elevators such as screw elevators is higher than that of stair lifts, but the new hydraulic elevators are much cheaper than stair lifts. The advantage of installing a household elevator is that it can increase the selling point for the sale of houses in the future. At the same time, the household elevator can make your home decoration more coordinated. It can provide you with multiple options, from the interior of the car to the glass of the hoistway, Can be customized.

The home elevator can let you reach multiple floors in a short time so that the elderly will not stay on the fixed floor forever. If you want to carry things upstairs or wash clothes, taking the elevator can save a lot of physical strength for the elderly. At the same time, its space is enough to accommodate a wheelchair and an adult.

Modern household elevators have been improved in space and design to make your home more elegant. At present, most household elevators in the market do not need a separate machine room, and they can be installed without modifying the existing structure. These devices also provide you with enough space to accommodate wheelchairs, and wheelchair users can move up and down easily and comfortably; the advantage of this kind of household elevator is that they rarely need maintenance.

Specific advantages of the home lift:

  1. Functionality

Although the home elevator is not as complete as the commercial elevator, its function can meet the needs of family members for safety and decoration. Firstly, the general home lift has the part of anti-falling to deal with the fracture of steel wire rope in the elevator or the occurrence of an emergency. In addition, the domestic elevator is generally equipped with an emergency descent button and emergency light; this is convenient for the trapped elevator personnel to save themselves.

  1. Elevator Home Enhance Your Security

If your home is a three-story or four-story villa, climbing stairs is difficult for the seniors. If they slip or fall when they go upstairs, it will damage their health and bring a specific economic burden to the family. The emergence of home electric elevators saves physical strength for the elderly and reduces the wear and tear of their bones and joints.

3. Makes a Style Statement

The home elevator can meet your personalized needs. It can be designed according to your family style. When building the house, you can communicate with the designer and create a separate hoistway for you. You can use a glass hoistway to highlight the indoor design if it is an old house. The hoistway can be made of aluminum alloy and glass; in this way, both the color of the aluminum alloy profile and the color of the glass can be customized, which is consistent with your house.

4. Space Saving Design

Many Australians will worry that there is not enough installation space at home and will give up installing a household lift. These situations are now being changed by new technology. The household elevator with the hydraulic structure only needs a minimum installation size of 1 square meter and can be installed in any corner of the room. If your house is of a wooden frame, it can also be installed; we have completed many elevator projects in Australia.

The disadvantage of the home elevator is that you need some time to communicate with architects and elevator manufacturers. At the same time, you need to spend some time on design selection. It’s best to start this work when you first build a house.

The residential elevator is not just a residential elevator but extends to a part of your home, where you don’t have to worry about your mobility – you should be able to enjoy your home, no matter what it means. You can walk around when you need to.

Home lift is no longer a dream. You can install your own custom home elevator at an affordable cost. Household elevators have been used for a long time. If you think the home elevator is a worthwhile investment, you must consult the right person. In China, elevator companies like LIFCORE have rich elevator export experience. They can be trusted to answer all your questions. Contact us now and start building your future with us.

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