Top Home Elevator Companies in Australia for 2023: Elevating Your Living Experience

With an increasing focus on accessibility and the desire for enhanced convenience in modern homes, the installation of home elevators has become a pivotal solution. These innovative systems not only provide seamless vertical transportation but also cater to the unique needs of individuals with mobility challenges or those seeking a touch of luxury. In this article, we delve into the realm of home elevators in Australia, uncovering the top companies that excel in delivering cutting-edge solutions. Discover how these companies are elevating the living experience by combining advanced technology, impeccable craftsmanship, and a deep understanding of their client’s requirements. Whether you seek practicality or opulence, get ready to explore the leading home elevator companies in Australia that are revolutionizing the way we live and move within our homes.

In an era where accessibility and convenience are paramount, this article delves into the realm of home elevators in Australia, offering an extensive analysis of the top companies that excel in providing premium residential elevators. By examining their cutting-edge technologies, customizable features, and commitment to safety, we aim to showcase how these leading companies are redefining the living experience and empowering individuals to move seamlessly within their homes. Whether you’re seeking elevators designed for architectural aesthetics or ones that prioritize energy efficiency, this in-depth analysis will guide you in making an informed decision and ultimately elevate your living experience in 2023.

Company 1:Platinum Elevator


Overview: Platinum Elevator is a renowned company in Australia, specializing in high-quality residential elevator solutions. With years of industry experience, they prioritize safety, reliability, and innovative design.

Product Portfolio: Elevate offers a range of elevators tailored for homes, including hydraulic, traction, and pneumatic models. Their elevators feature advanced technology, customizable finishes, and smooth operation.

Customer Testimonials: “We are extremely satisfied with our Platinum Elevator. It has made a significant difference in our accessibility and adds a touch of luxury to our home.” – John and Sarah M.

Company 2:Savaria (Australia) Pty

Overview: Savaria (Australia) Pty is a leading provider of residential elevators in Australia, known for their expertise in accessibility solutions and commitment to customer satisfaction.

Product Portfolio: Savaria (Australia) Pty offers a diverse range of home elevators, including compact and wheelchair-accessible models. Their elevators are designed for seamless integration into various architectural styles.

Customer Testimonials: “Savaria (Australia) Pty provided exceptional service from start to finish. Their team guided us through the selection process and the elevator has exceeded our expectations.” – Emily T.

Company 3: HomeLift Solutions


Overview: HomeLift Solutions is a trusted name in the home elevator industry, focusing on delivering tailored solutions that enhance mobility and comfort.

Product Portfolio: HomeLift Solutions offers a wide range of residential elevators, including vacuum and hydraulic systems. Their elevators feature elegant designs, smooth operation, and advanced safety features.

Customer Testimonials: “We are extremely impressed with our HomeLift Solutions elevator. The installation was seamless, and the elevator has become an invaluable addition to our home.” – Mark and Lisa H.


Company 4: Compact Home Lifts Australia

Overview: Compact Home Lifts Australia specializes in compact and stylish home elevators that blend seamlessly with modern interiors. They focus on providing innovative, space-saving solutions without compromising on functionality.

Product Portfolio: Compact Home Lifts  offers a range of residential elevators with unique designs, such as their elegant and compact “Through Floor Lifts.” These elevators are known for their quiet operation and sleek aesthetics.

Customer Testimonials: “Compact Home Lifts  Australia exceeded our expectations with their through-floor lift. It’s discreet, stylish, and has made our home more accessible for our elderly family members.” – Sarah W.

Company 5: EasyLiving Home Elevators

Overview: EasyLiving Home Elevators is a leading provider of residential elevators, offering a range of models designed for comfort, safety, and ease of use.

Product Portfolio: EasyLiving offers various home elevators, including hydraulic and pneumatic options. Their elevators are known for their smooth and quiet operation, customizable finishes, and advanced safety features.

Customer Testimonials: “We are thrilled with our EasyLiving home elevator. It has made moving between floors effortless, and the team provided exceptional service throughout the installation process.” – Michael P.

Company 6: Elite Elevators


Overview: Elite Elevators is a trusted name in the Australian home elevator market, known for their premium-quality products and focus on customer satisfaction.

Product Portfolio: Elite Elevators offers a wide range of residential elevators, including hydraulic, traction, and vacuum models. Their elevators are known for their advanced features, luxurious finishes, and smooth ride experience.

Customer Testimonials: “Elite Elevators provided us with a top-of-the-line home elevator that perfectly matches our home’s aesthetic. The elevator is not only functional but also adds a touch of elegance to our living space.” – Rachel D.

Company 7: Pneumatic Elevators Australia

Overview: Pneumatic Elevators Australia specializes in innovative pneumatic vacuum home elevators that offer a unique and space-saving solution for residential properties.

Product Portfolio: Pneumatic Elevators Australia offers a range of pneumatic vacuum elevators that operate on air pressure, requiring no cables or counterweights. These elevators are known for their sleek design, smooth ride, and energy efficiency.

Customer Testimonials: “We are extremely pleased with our pneumatic vacuum elevator from Pneumatic Elevators Australia. It’s not only functional but also a conversation piece in our home. Highly recommended!” – Andrew L.

Company 8: Residential Lift Company

Overview: The Residential Lift Company specializes in providing customized home elevator solutions, catering to the unique needs and architectural requirements of residential properties.

Product Portfolio: The Residential Lift Company offers a range of residential elevators, including hydraulic, traction, and platform lifts. They focus on customization options to seamlessly integrate the elevators with the home’s design.

Customer Testimonials: “The Residential Lift Company worked closely with us to design a home elevator that perfectly matched our home’s style. Their attention to detail and quality craftsmanship are commendable.” – Lisa S.

Company 9: Symmetry Elevating Solutions

Overview: Symmetry Elevating Solutions is a leading provider of residential elevators, offering reliable and efficient vertical transportation solutions for homes across Australia.

Product Portfolio: Symmetry Elevating Solutions offers a range of home elevators, including hydraulic and machine-room-less (MRL) models. Their elevators are known for their smooth ride, quiet operation, and emphasis on safety.

Customer Testimonials: “Symmetry Elevating Solutions provided us with a high-quality home elevator that has transformed our daily living. The elevator is not only reliable but also adds value to our home.” – David M.

Company 10: LIFCORE

Overview: LIFCORE is a prominent Chinese manufacturer of home elevators that primarily exports to Australia. With a dedicated installation team in Australia, they offer economical and reliable solutions for residential properties.

Product Portfolio: LIFCORE specializes in hydraulic home lifts,electric home elevator, providing a range of models that prioritize functionality and cost-effectiveness. Their hydraulic elevators are known for their smooth operation, spacious cabins, and user-friendly controls.

Customer Testimonials: “We opted for a LIFCORE hydraulic home lift, and it has exceeded our expectations. The installation team in Australia was professional, and the elevator has improved our accessibility at an affordable price.” – Emma K

Company Overview Product Portfolio Customer Testimonials
Platinum Elevator Renowned company in Australia, prioritizing safety and design. Hydraulic, traction, and pneumatic elevators. “Extremely satisfied with Elevate. Accessibility and luxury.”
Savaria (Australia) Pty Leading provider of residential elevators in Australia. Compact and wheelchair-accessible models. “Exceptional service and exceeded expectations.”
LIFCORE Prominent Chinese manufacturer with installation team in Australia. Economical hydraulic home lifts. “Exceeded expectations with professional installation and affordability.”
HomeLift Solutions Trusted name, delivering tailored elevator solutions. Vacuum and hydraulic systems. “Impressed with HomeLift’s installation and value.”
Compact Home Lifts Australia Specializes in compact and stylish home elevators. Elegant and compact “Through Floor Lifts.” “Discreet, stylish, and enhanced accessibility.”
EasyLiving Home Elevators Provider of residential elevators with a focus on comfort. Hydraulic and pneumatic options. “Smooth operation and exceptional service.”
Elite Elevators Trusted name with premium-quality residential elevators. Hydraulic, traction, and vacuum models. “Top-of-the-line elevator that adds elegance to our home.”
Pneumatic Elevators Australia Innovative pneumatic vacuum home elevators. Sleek design and energy efficiency. “Functional and a conversation piece in our home.”
Residential Lift Company Customized home elevator solutions for architectural integration. Hydraulic, traction, and platform lifts. “Attention to detail and quality craftsmanship.”
Symmetry Elevating Solutions Reliable and efficient residential elevators. Hydraulic and machine-room-less (MRL) models. “Smooth ride, quiet operation, and emphasis on safety.”




Recap: After an in-depth analysis of the top home elevator companies in Australia, it is evident that these companies excel in providing premium residential elevators that enhance accessibility, convenience, and the overall living experience.


Throughout the article, we explored the key features and strengths of each company:


Platinum Elevator: Renowned for their safety measures and luxurious designs, offering hydraulic, traction, and pneumatic elevators.

Savaria (Australia) Pty Elevators: Leading provider with a focus on compact and wheelchair-accessible models, providing exceptional service.

LIFCORE: A prominent Chinese manufacturer with an installation team in Australia, specializing in economical hydraulic home lifts.

HomeLift Solutions: Known for delivering tailored elevator solutions, including vacuum and hydraulic systems, impressing customers with their installations.

Compact Home Lifts  Australia: Specializes in compact and stylish “Through Floor Lifts” that blend seamlessly with modern interiors, enhancing accessibility.

EasyLiving Home Elevators: Providing comfortable residential elevators with hydraulic and pneumatic options, ensuring smooth operation.

Elite Elevators: Trusted for premium-quality elevators with hydraulic, traction, and vacuum models, adding elegance to homes.

Pneumatic Elevators Australia: Innovators in pneumatic vacuum elevators, offering sleek design and energy efficiency.

Residential Lift Company: Known for customized elevator solutions that integrate seamlessly with architectural styles, showcasing attention to detail.

Symmetry Elevating Solutions: Reliable and efficient residential elevators, including hydraulic and machine-room-less (MRL) models, prioritizing safety.


Key Takeaways: The top home elevator companies in Australia offer a diverse range of elevators, catering to various needs and architectural requirements. From innovative designs to customizable features, these companies are committed to enhancing accessibility, comfort, and safety within residential spaces.

Making an Informed Decision: When considering a home elevator, it is crucial to evaluate your specific requirements, budget, and preferences. Assess the features, customization options, installation processes, and customer feedback provided by these top companies to make an informed decision that aligns with your needs and enhances your living experience.


By exploring the leading home elevator companies in Australia, we hope this article has provided valuable insights and guidance in selecting the right residential elevator that elevates your living experience in 2023 and beyond.


Take the next step towards enhancing your living experience with a home elevator. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to transform your home into a more accessible and convenient space.


We encourage you to visit the websites or reach out to the top home elevator companies in Australia discussed in this article. By exploring their websites, you can gather more information about their product portfolios, customization options, and pricing.


But why stop there? Take advantage of the personalized consultations offered by these companies. Their knowledgeable teams are ready to listen to your specific needs, provide expert guidance, and offer tailored solutions that align with your requirements and architectural considerations.


By contacting the companies directly, you can also request detailed quotations. This will help you make an informed decision based on your budget and desired features.


Investing in a home elevator is investing in your comfort, accessibility, and quality of life. Don’t hesitate to take action today and elevate your living experience.


Visit the websites or reach out to the companies directly to embark on this exciting journey. Your dream of a more convenient and accessible home is within reach. Make the call now and transform your living space with a home elevator that enhances your everyday life.

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