indoor philippines home elevator price

How much does it cost to install a home lift in Philippines(2024)

The rise of home elevators in the Philippines is closely related to the development of the construction industry. With the increase of private houses, and significantly the increase of two or three-story places, many households have the urge to install home elevators. Home elevators can reach up to 15. The meter’s height, the standard car can accommodate 3-4 people and has a rich safety configuration and modern design style. The cost of a home elevator in the Philippines depends on several factors. The home elevator is a product suitable for families or low-rise buildings. It can be customized and produce elevators with different stops, ranging from two floors to five floors. The price of standard hydraulic home elevators is about 300,300 PHP to 500,500 PHP , Depending on the decoration and function, the price of the screw home elevator is between 1,250,250 PHP.and 1,500,500 PHP.. In addition to the first time, the installation cost of the home elevator and the cost of the shaft design in the Philippines should also be considered.

Many people install home elevators for the safety of the elderly or to plan their retirement in advance. Mobility is currently the top priority for the elderly or those with mobility impairments. Walking and moving, whether you are preparing to clean or wash Clothing, mobility is a basic ability.

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