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With the development of the Philippine construction industry, more and more factories and residential buildings have begun to use freight elevators to transport goods. Compared with ordinary passenger elevators, freight elevators have the characteristics of large load capacity and large platform size because they are mainly used for carrying For goods; the car of the freight elevator has no unique decoration, which makes the price of the freight elevator cheaper than that of ordinary hydraulic elevators. Because the freight elevator is affordable, more and more factories and houses in the Philippines have begun to install freight elevators. At present, most of the freight elevators sold in the Philippines are hydraulic cargo lift, and their prices range from 4,000 to 10,000 US dollars.

The basic structure of a hydraulic freight elevator:

The lifting process of the hydraulic freight elevator is realized by using the electric motor to wind the steel wire rope in the forward and reverse directions and drive the cargo cabin to move up and down between the guide rails. It is a fixed device used to transport goods vertically but does not allow people to be carried. Freight elevators generally consist of hydraulic cylinders, pulleys, wire ropes, cabins and various main electrical appliances.

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(1) The machine room is composed of the pump station, hydraulic oil cylinder, control cabinet and other parts. A. Hydraulic oil cylinder: the hydraulic oil cylinder drives the steel wire rope to drive the car up and down. B. Control cabinet: the cabinet is equipped with a PLC microcomputer and various relays and contactors, which are connected with various controllers on the control box of the elevator or landing station through various control lines and cables, so as to meet the requirements of the predetermined cargo elevator, automatic control performance and safety protection performance.

(2) Cargo lift car: It is a metal structural part for loading goods in the cargo elevator. It is vertically lifted along the guide rail with the help of the cargo lift car pulled by the steel wire rope to complete the task of loading goods.

(3) Well part: A. Guide rail is a component that guides the freight elevator. B. Buffer: It is a buffer device installed under the car in the bottom pit of the hoistway. When the car is overloaded, the rope is broken, and out of control, it will buffer the car when it falls or falls at an Overspeed. C. Limit switch: It controls the movement of the freight elevator car that is not allowed to cross a particular position at the upper and lower-end stations. If the car goes offside and touches the limit switch, it will cut off the control circuit and stop the freight elevator.


Landing part: A. Hall door: There is a hall door at the top of each floor of the hoistway, and the hall door should be equipped with an electrical interlock or a mechanical interlock device. When the hall door is closed, the freight elevator can only be started when the electrical interlock switch is turned on. Otherwise, it cannot be started. The function of the mechanical interlock is that only when the car stops at the station of a particular floor the floor door of this floor can be opened; otherwise, it cannot be opened. B. Floor indicator light: Installed on the top or side of the landing door, it shows the direction of the freight elevator and the floor where the car is located. C. Call button, control box: The control box is installed on the side of the landing door. The call button and the control box control the operation of the freight elevator.


The price of freight elevators sold in the Philippines is mainly determined by the number of hydraulic cylinders, load capacity, platform size, number of stops, whether closed cars or fences are required, and whether the freight elevators are equipped with rolling doors.

Price by the number of hydraulic cylinders:


The single-cylinder hydraulic freight elevator price is between 3500 and 6000 dollars. According to the different cylinder models, the single-cylinder hydraulic freight elevator can be divided into 70-type hydraulic cylinders, 80-type hydraulic cylinders, and 90-type hydraulic cylinders. The carrying capacity of single cylinder hydraulic freight elevator ranges from 500 to 1000 kg

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The price of the double-cylinder hydraulic cargo elevator is between 5000 and 8000 dollars. The load capacity and platform size of the double-cylinder hydraulic cargo elevator are much larger than those of the single-cylinder cargo elevator. The load capacity of the double-cylinder hydraulic cargo elevator ranges from 1000 kg to 3000 kg.

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The four-cylinder hydraulic freight elevator price is between 7000-12000 dollars. The four-cylinder hydraulic freight elevator is generally used for trucks or large equipment, and its load capacity is generally about 3-8 tons.


Price by loading capacity of cargo lift:


The hydraulic cargo elevators with different load capacities must be used with varying oil cylinders. Generally, the price of hydraulic cargo elevators with a load capacity of 1-3 tons is within 8000 dollars, while the cost of hydraulic cargo elevators with a load capacity of 5-8 tons is between 8000 dollars and 13000 dollars. The price of the cargo elevators is not a multiple of the load capacity. Here, the model and quantity of the hydraulic oil cylinders need to be configured reasonably.

Industrial cargo lift elevator

The price by platform sizes.


The common small residential goods elevator size is 1500 * 1500 mm. With the increase in the size of the goods elevator, the required materials will increase, and the price of the goods elevator will also increase accordingly. In addition, the height of the car wall of the goods elevator can also be customized according to customer requirements. The car wall of the goods elevator is generally welded with steel pipes, and the workmanship is not as fine as the elevator. The car bottom of the goods elevator is mainly made of anti-skid and wear-resistant steel structure to ensure that the goods will not topple or turn over.


The influence of the number of stops on the price of freight elevators



The impact of the number of stops on the freight elevators is mainly shown in whether it is necessary to add landing doors and change the current control system. If the size of the freight elevators remains unchanged and the lifting weight remains unchanged, the structure of the control system needs to be changed to make it meet the current requirements. In addition, the increase in the number of stops will also add additional accessories.


Whether the platform is closed and exposed


The conventional hydraulic freight elevator is semi-enclosed. The lift car height is about 1-1.2m, mainly to facilitate the transportation of goods. You can also make a closed freight elevator if you need to transport personnel while delivering goods. The price of the closed freight elevator needs to increase by 500-1000 dollars. The price is determined according to the size of the lift car. The enclosed car can be made of steel wire mesh and steel structure, or it can be made of all stainless steel structures, making it more private.


Landing door of the freight elevator


Manual swing door


The price of the goods elevator’s manual swing door is $300. The material of the manual swing door is galvanized steel pipe. The manual swing door is a double swing door which cannot be connected to the existing control system.

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Rolling shutter door


The price of manually pulled roller shutter doors is 400-600 dollars each. The manually removed roller shutter and the manually pulled flat door cannot be connected to the current cargo elevator control system to achieve automatic control.


Electric roller shutter door


The price of the electric roller shutter door is 600-800 dollars. The electric roller shutter door can be connected to the control system to realize automatic control. When we try to open the elevator during the elevator operation, the roller shutter door of the elevator cannot be opened. When the roller shutter door of the elevator is open, the goods elevator stops running, which plays the role of safety protection.


Operation method and precautions of guide rail freight elevator


(1) Remove obstacles around and under the equipment before work.


(2) No one is allowed to stand under the rail-type cargo elevator when it is lifted.


(3) Overload is strictly prohibited.


(4) During the lifting process, observe whether the goods elevator platform is synchronized at any time. If any abnormality is found, stop the machine in time, check and eliminate the fault before putting it into use.


(5) During the lowering operation, first raise the rail-type cargo lift platform a little and observe whether the jacking frame is completely separated from the running rail; otherwise, stop the lowering.


(6) When the guide rail elevator is not used for a long time, the working platform shall be lowered to the lowest position, and the power supply shall be cut off.

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