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How Much Does A Home Lift Cost In South Africa?

The growth of home elevators in South Africa is closely linked to the growing manufacturing and construction industry. As private home ownership increases, more people are building two to three-story houses to accommodate a growing family. The factors are influential in determining home lift prices in South Africa. It can help three to four individuals travel between stories in a modern style.

The home lift prices in South Africa incorporate many factors. It is a convenient service for families and other residential buildings. Furthermore, decoration stops and functions also influence the price. Here are a few reasons to consider installing home lifts. Some are more obvious than others. Regardless, they are assistive.

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3 Factors influencing the price of home elevators in Africa

What is a basic home lift?

Standard home lift and basic home elevators are interchangeable terms. The basic lift at home offers safety for passengers regardless of age. Assuming the elevator is platform-based, it is called a lift. The term “home elevator” does not discriminate against the structure. However, it determines whether the user’s needs are met.

South Africa has a growing elderly population that requires constant assistance. Therefore, most will consider installing home elevators in South Africa after retirement. Secondly, there is also significant competition from inexpensive imported options as well.

2 floor residential lift prices south africa

Why install an elevator at home?

Reliable assistance

Home elevators in South Africa are about functionality. Its most in-demand use is transporting items and inhabitants between the different stories. As a result, lifts become easier. It provides comfortability for the house elders to travel fully without worrying about getting injured as the recovery can be very slow.

Home lifts do not exclude individuals inside the house based on mobility. Lastly, you can easily transport items without dragging them across the stairs. Such items include bicycles, groceries, cartons, and furniture. Now onto the next reason!


Home lifts in South Africa promote safety and mobility. It does not restrict movement. Moreover, it encourages the elder to walk, which keeps their muscles active. The home elevators are an excellent technique to build physical and mental strength against oncoming features. The injury risk is significantly reduced, preventing long-term disability.

We all know one can easily trip at the stairs. Falling and tumbling can cause brain damage, broken bones, or paralysis. Therefore, children, pets, and elders are encouraged to use home elevators. They are safe and keep them protected from numerous unfortunate accidents. It guarantees security with an enhanced comfortable environment as well.


Are you aging at your home? You must catch your breath easily and wish things to come easier too. Home elevators in South Africa will encourage you to move freely, so you are not dependent on hired help or family members. It will prepare you for the future and prevent you from feeling old—older than you already are.

Elders who age in their own homes are concerned for their well-being. They are concerned about doing the smallest chores. Furthermore, they are scared of being moved into a nursing home facility. Even though they feel unheard, the elders want you to know they wish to grow old at home, so a home lift can be very helpful.


Most of the time, homeowners will spend money on better appliances for upgraded features. We spend money on expensive devices as they bring durability and comfortability into our lives. Unfortunately, sometimes they break easily and wreak havoc.

A home elevator will provide service for three decades, which is ten times the lifespan of a stair lift. Life Core Lift cares about its customers and offers sustainable solutions for home elevators in South Africa. Our rides will minimize environmental damage while caring for your loved ones and your property.

Increase property value

Have you considered a home lift as an investment? Yes, that is correct. A home lift will increase your property value. Moreover, it will make your house more attractive too. The convenience factor is undeniable. However, when you decide to sell the property in the future, the return on investment will likely be higher.

The property will also sell faster because of the elevator’s comfortability. Due to technological upgrades, home elevators in Africa have become affordable. As a result, there are many options available within your budget. Lastly, home lifts are now easier to install and dynamically well-priced too.

Inside aesthetic

Nothing beats the visual appeal of a home elevator. It offers a luxurious perspective and makes the inhabitants appear wealthy too. We understand home elevators in South Africa are built for long-term services. Therefore, they offer modern designs to compliment the interior.

The home elevators are an iconic showpiece and service capsule for the guests and visitors. They blend in the interior rather than looking for something out of place. The elevators come with different features too that represent style. What do you want your home lift to look like? It will make your home truly unique.

Factors influencing the price of home elevators in Africa


LIFTA mainly provides stair lifts. The stair lift can be installed without removing the stairs. It is easy to install, but it affects the beauty of the interior. Later removal will not add value to the house. The price of the stair lift is $10,000.

Lifta home lift in south africa

Stiltz provides single-person or floor elevators, which can only be installed in indoor two-story housing structures. Stiltz has a good reputation and quality assurance as an international first-line brand, and its price ranges from $20,000 to $30,000.

Stiltz home lift in south africa

The Schindler elevator is a traction structure elevator. It adopts the structure of counterweight blocks and requires a machine room and a pit. It occupies a relatively large area among household elevators, and its price ranges from $15,000 to $20,000.

Number of Stops

The home lift prices in South Africa also factor in the number of stops. The more stops there are, the more complex the programming gets. Even though the price does not significantly consider the stops, it is still an influential factor. However, more material is required as the number of stops increases.

It will still use the same motor and the same pit station. The car stays the same, and so does the internal wiring. Therefore, the added cost for each floor is about $1000-$2000.

The type of elevator

A hydraulic system is an inexpensive approach to home lifts. The lifts use a traction structure and cost twice as much as the hydraulic home lifts. The hydraulic system lift will cost between USD$ 8000 to USD$ 12,000. The traction lift costs USD$ 25,000.

Travel distance

The impact of the lifting height on the price of the elevator will not be as apparent as that of the stop. The lifting height of the standard two-story home elevator is generally between 3m and 4m, and the lifting height of the three-story home elevator is between 6m and 7m. The lifting height of the home elevator on the first floor is between 9m and 10m. This is based on the data obtained from the conventional floor height of 3-4 meters. If the lifting height is within the normal range, there is generally no need to increase the cost. Suppose the lifting height is too high, For example. In that case, if the lifting height of two floors is 8 meters, the price of hydraulic elevators needs to increase by 50-100 US dollars per meter, and the cost of traction elevators needs to increase by 100-200 US dollars per meter.

Specification of landing doors:

Choosing a home elevator suitable for two-story buildings can be used without a hoistway or landing door. This installation method can be used for through-wall or hydraulic elevators, and there is no need to match the elevator landing door or hoistway.

small residential lift prices south africa

Most people will worry that the basic elevator will bring safety hazards to the children at home, so when they start to build the house, they will build a wall shaft in advance and then equip each floor with a safe landing door, according to the landing door. Different styles and materials have different prices. The price of the mirror-etched landing door needs to increase by 200 US dollars, while the wood grain stainless steel, titanium etched, and rose gold etched stainless steel all need to increase by 300 US dollars. The landing door is made of tempered glass. Each level requires an additional $400.

hydraulic home lift prices south africa

Automatic Door Stainless Steel:

cheap residential lift south africa

Powder Coating Colored Door

electric home lifts cost in south africa

There are three main ways to open the elevator door: the middle door, the side door, and the hand-pull door. The most common door opening method for elevators is the central door. The cargo elevator or medical elevator is generally the side door. The specific door opening method should be designed according to the well conditions. The side door method can also be selected to achieve the maximum door opening method. For hydraulic elevators , the price of the conventional manual swing door is about 500-600 US dollars, the price of the automatic swing door is about 700-1000 US dollars, and the price of the central automatic sliding door is about 800-1200 US dollars (including the door operator system)

Automatic Swing Door:

affordable home lifts prices in south africa

For space-saving, villa home elevators can also choose side-opening automatic doors. Because the side-opening automatic door can save the building area to the greatest extent and utilize the width of the shaft as much as possible, at the same time, it can be used by the disabled, and the elderly with inconvenient mobility also reflects the humanized design consideration.

Central Automatic Sliding Door:

home elevator south africa with sliding door

Specification of Elevator Car interiors (LED Acrylic / Mirror Stainless Steel /SS)

The most common car is made of hairline stainless steel. If you don’t like this monotonous color, you can choose mirror stainless steel. This stainless steel can reflect external objects like glass and look more high-end. Stainless steel Usually it can be made of titanium or rose gold, and the car is made of titanium or stainless steel, and each car wall needs to be increased by 100 US dollars. South African customers have continuously improved aesthetic requirements, so some high-end cars have also appeared. Cars, such as LIFCORE’s luminous back panel car, this car model Sweden’s screw car, using acrylic as the back panel, makes the whole elevator look more modern, and this elevator is equipped with a ceiling with a star pattern. More luxurious and luxurious. An elevator with an LED-backed car would cost an additional $1,500.

stainless steel home lifts south africa

home elevators for sale

Special functions for home elevator

Taking hydraulic home elevators as an example, conventional hydraulic elevators have the following functions:

  1. Manual pressure relief: in case of power failure, personnel outside the lift car can control the platform to descend urgently
  2. Power failure emergency standby power supply (UPS): in case of sudden power failure during equipment operation, it will be automatically converted to UPS standby power supply, so that the equipment can reach the first floor.
  3. The second anti-falling equipment is equipped with a safety gear speed limiter. When the platform slides rapidly, the safety gear will immediately hold the track to effectively avoid potential falling hazards
  4. Automatic lighting control: it can automatically control the lighting of the platform
  5. Landing operation display: it can accurately display the operation direction of the platform
  6. Callbox: it is convenient for the platform on each floor to reach this floor and control the operation of the platform
  7. Landing door interlock: the installation of a landing door can ensure that if the elevator is not on this floor and the door cannot be opened
  8. Buffer start and stop: the platform runs slowly and stops slowly to increase the ride comfort.
  9. Emergency stop device: during the operation of the equipment, the emergency stop can be operated at any time inside the equipment
  10.  travel limit: double limit can prevent the platform from hitting the ceiling or hitting the floor.
  11. Overload protection: equipped with an overload relief valve, the platform does not work when overloaded, and safety is guaranteed
  12. Safe operating voltage: the operating voltage in the lift car is AC 24V, which effectively ensures personal safety

The above are the basic functions of the home hydraulic elevator. For additional functions, costs need to be increased. For example, the high-power UPS power supply needs to be increased by 800 US dollars. This high-power UPS power supply can not only lower the elevator but also ensure the upward speed of the elevator in case of power failure; One button call function: can ensure that the internal personnel of the car can make a call when they are trapped in the car. This function is very practical. Generally, only the passenger elevator has this function. Adding this function requires an increase of $500; for the Touch screen function. The car is more advanced with the touch screen. This function needs to be increased by $500.

residential lift

Cost of construction and installation

Maintenance cost

If the home lifts in South Africa are regularly monitored and maintained, they can significantly enhance their useful life. Furthermore, it will reduce the probability of major repairs too. We suggest an extensive assessment once in six months or a year. The maintenance expense is USD$ 200. However, you are free to browse the market for budget-friendly options.

The expert will check the travel limit, the running time, and oil leakage in the hydraulic lift system. Additionally, the professional will also carefully check for defaulted and exposed wiring to provide an accurate maintenance quote.

Elevator installation

Since We produce hydraulic structure lifts, we can provide installation quotes of the said type. Here is the rundown:

The home lift prices in South Africa regarding the hydraulic type factors workers and time. It requires two to three people for a successful installation. Furthermore, the installation time is also two to three days. Assuming each worker is hired is at $30 per hour for eight hours. In that case, you shall pay them $240 annually. The total cost for two days becomes USD$ 480 and USD$ 720 for three days.

Lastly, different home elevators will have extra charges for installation in South Africa. We suggest contacting a few companies for the best fit.

Elevator shaft

If the house is still under construction, the home lifts in South Africa are easier to install. However, different forms of lifts require a custom shaft for easy traveling. The hydraulic system requires 1500 by 1500 elevator shaft. Added space is necessary for the machine room and pit too. Thankfully, home elevators with hydraulic systems do not require a large area.

If the construction is not new, It will require holes and the removal of stairs. Ultimately, the lift prices in South Africa reach the $4000 ceiling.

Price of a two-story home elevator in South Africa

Most homes in South Africa are two-story villa buildings or square meters. Ordinary hydraulic elevators can be selected for two-story home elevators, and the price is 8,000-12,000 US dollars. If traction-driven home elevators are used, the price of two-story home elevators Is 12,000-15,000 US dollars; the home lift prices in South Africa here includes the installation cost but do not include the cost of house renovation. For two-story home elevators, we generally recommend installing them indoors, which can be done by opening holes in the floor or placing them on the stairs. It can be used in the stairwell, which can greatly reduce the damage and transformation of the house.

Price of a three-story home elevator in South Africa

For a three-story home elevator, although its lifting height is much higher than that of a two-story home elevator, its price will not double. The price of a floor traction home elevator is 15,000-20,000 US dollars. The height of a three-story home elevator is higher than that of a two-story home elevator, mainly because of the cost of materials, and the basic configuration is not much different.

Do stairs and home elevators provide the same service?

The elevators and stairs are two very different objects of service. Stairs do not factor in weight or size. The house inhabitants can easily use them to transport heavy things such as furniture and appliances. On the other hand, the same actions on a house lift in South Africa will result in severe depreciation and loss of investment.

Moreover, lifts at home also need a specific size and location to install. A traditional hydraulic home lift will welcome four to five individuals and 400 kg weight. In addition, the home lift cannot transport heavy objects.

Most of the time, house elevators are installed next to the stairs if there is insufficient space. Elevators at home are subjected to Maslow’s theory, where the residents are subjected to comfort according to earnings and standards of living.


How much does a two-person home lift cost?

The general load capacity of a two-person home elevator is 250-300kg, and the size of the car is about 1000*1000. The home elevator of this size is mainly to facilitate installation and save space. The price of a two-person home elevator is 8000-15000 USD; prices will increase if wheelchair accommodation or custom features are required.


Does a home elevator require a machine room?

Traditional home elevators such as traction elevators need a machine room and a pit as support. Still, for most home elevators, such as screw elevators, hydraulic elevators can be installed without a machine room. These elevators are very suitable for home use. For elevators that do not require a machine room, They also have no special requirements for the height of the top floor. For example, the height of the top floor of a hydraulic elevator can be at least 2300mm. You can install a hydraulic elevator if your top floor height is only 1800mm. You only need to make the car small or make it an open cabin.

south africa home elevators for seniors

How much electricity does a lift consume in South Africa?

Compared with other elevators, especially the traditional traction elevator, the hydraulic elevator performs better in energy consumption. We take the lift height of the five-story home lift as an example. Through calculation, its energy consumption per day is about 1.4kw. At the same time, it should be noted that the hydraulic elevator does not consume energy in descending. At this time, the pump station is not working. Therefore, the hydraulic elevator is suitable for buildings with 2 or 3 floors.

hydraulic home elevator electricity consumption

home elevator electricity consumption

How much space is needed for a home elevator in South Africa?

Suppose you have a 2 story residential house and only install a basic home elevator without a hoistway. In that case, the minimum installation size is 700*1000mm. The installation space of this size can realize a 600*700 space car, accommodating 1-2 people; the load capacity is about 250kg if you need to build a hoistway or want to place a wheelchair in the elevator for the elderly. You need to prepare an installation space of 1500*1500 or more, which is used for most home elevators; whether you use a screw structure or a hydraulic structure home elevator, 1500*1500 is a perfect shaft size.

When are you installing a home lift?

The interested buyer is encouraged to re-think the budget and elevator use it before making the final decision. We suggest extensively browsing the home lift prices in South Africa, communicating with the construction crew, and browsing the market. The steps will help you save costs.

Other factors to consider while estimating the home lift prices in South Africa are the location for easy elderly access, size, and a correct estimate. Feel free to contact LIFCORE for more assistance on the matter. We specialize in hydraulic lifts in South Africa.


How is the home lift installed?

First, you should determine the location of the home elevator and the available space and carry out preliminary measurement work. If the space is not enough, first carry out a house renovation. After the installation plan is determined, you need to do some preparatory work, such as the wiring of the home elevator. The location of the home elevator control cabinet and pump station, if there is no elevator shaft, determine whether the shaft needs to be built according to the type of elevator. If there is an elevator shaft, it is necessary to measure whether it meets the installation requirements and rectify it. Make reasonable arrangements according to the progress of the decoration Elevator installation time. Generally, the time of newly renovated houses will be controlled in the middle and late stages of decoration. After the elevator arrives at the site, the elevator installer will pick up the goods and place the elevator components separately. The electrical components need to be waterproof and moisture-proof. Next, the elevator personnel began to install and debug the elevator on site. After the installation and commissioning of the home elevator are completed, the owner needs to test the elevator and ask the installer to rectify the dissatisfaction on the spot. In addition, the surrounding of the elevator shaft and the doorway need to be blocked.

Home elevators should consider the following points during the installation process:

  1. Safety

During the installation of home elevators, the shafts must be reinforced as required so that the elevator car and system equipment can be securely installed.

  1. Sound insulation

The upper and lower tracks of home elevators will generate noise, and the hoistway must be soundproofed. Otherwise, people living in the room next to the elevator will feel very noisy at night.

  1. Level

The home elevator door and the elevator’s interior should be kept at the same level as the hardcover ground finish surface of each floor so that users can walk up and down the elevator smoothly.


Do home lifts make a lot of noise?

Home lifts are quieter than stair lifts. There are also non-hydraulic lifts that require the homeowner to plug them into a large socket.

What are the three types of lifts for homes?

Traction with a machine room, machine-room-less traction, and hydraulic are the three forms of elevators for homes and offices.

Can I replace the stairs with an elevator?

Assuming the lift stops operating or there is an electricity outage. In that case, you will use the stairs for accessing the remainder of the building.

How much space is required for an elevator at home?

Home elevators in South Africa require 20 feet of space. You can also get away with 18 square feet. Unfortunately, the result will be crowded and congested.

Are home elevators worth the investment?

Home elevators can increase the property value by at least ten percent. When you resell the property, it will result in a higher return, easily recovering the lift set-up and installation prices of the home lift in South Africa.

Is there a legal requirement for a phone in a lift?

There is no such legal requirement for integrating a phone inside the lift. It is installed for safety measures if the lift users are stuck.

Does the home lift require permits?

We encourage you to contact the local planning authorities for more information on the matter. They will guide you with the paperwork and permits so you can go ahead with the home lift installation.


A Final Word:

In considering the brand and type of elevator, we also need to evaluate the existing house structure and installation conditions. If there is a special elevator shaft in your home, you can choose any domestic elevator as long as your budget is sufficient. If your home is an old house, it is wise to choose a hydraulic elevator or a screw elevator. In addition, you need to evaluate the budget in your entire installation plan; only in this way can you choose your home elevator. If you are not familiar with the home lift prices in South Africa or want to buy an imported elevator, you can also contact us and let us help you make plans.


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Reference:3 rd Symposium on Lift and Escalator Technologies






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