Malaysia 320kg Residential Elevator

How much does a home lift cost in Malaysia 2024

Residential Elevator Cost

According to the number of floors of the elevator, the configuration of the elevator car, and the height of the lift, the cost of a home lift in Malaysia is between 5,000-50,000 US dollars, the average price is about 20,000 US dollars, and the cost of elevator equipment is between 3,000-40,000 US dollars, The installation cost of home lift in Malaysia is between 1000-10000 dollars, the cost of house renovation is between 2000-10000 dollars, and the price of screw elevator or pneumatic elevator is between 25000-50000 dollars.

Malaysia 320kg Residential Elevator

If you own a 2 or 3-story private residence in Malaysia, you can benefit from installing an elevator to add extra value to your property.

Basic Residential Elevator Pricing


Average Cost         $15,000

High Cost               $50,000

Low Cost               $4,000

The primary home elevator means that you do not need additional decoration but only need an elevator with a lifting function. If your house building has already met the installation requirements of the elevator, or you have already built the shaft, you do not need to modify the house. Then installing an essential home elevator is a good choice.


Home Lift Price Per Storey

If your house has more than one floor, the height of each floor will increase by about 2000-10000 US dollars. Most homes in Malaysia have no more than four floors, but some household elevators are only suitable for two floors, such as the duo Alta style of Stiltz.

Elevator Costs Per Floor

2-story $2,000 – $30,000

3-story $4,000 – $40,000

4-story $5,000 – $60,000

Home Lift Price By Lifting Height

The increase in the lifting height is not as apparent as the number of floors. The lifting height is mainly due to the rise in material costs, such as the material of the guide rail and the material and labor costs. The calculation of the lifting height is mainly measured in meters. The lifting height of general household elevators is no more than 15 meters

500USD-5000USD Per Meter

Elevator Types

Cost provided            Range – Low     Range – High     Average cost

Through-the-Floor     8000USD        25000USD       20000USD

Traction Type           15000USD       35000USD       25000USD

Hydraulic                7000USD        20000USD       12000USD

Pneumatic              35000USD       50000USD       40000USD

Vertical Platform lift    4000USD       15000USD       6000USD


This elevator is an innovative design. It can pass through the floor without a shaft. It has a standard car size and installation space. It can be installed in any corner of the room. Its bottom and upper part have safety cover plates, which can cover the gap on the ground. It is suitable for two-story buildings. At present, the two famous models are Savari and Stiltz

Malaysia Hydraulic Lift Elevator

Traction Type

The traction elevator is also a traditional household elevator. The traction elevator is a motor rotating to drive the traction wheel to turn, move the steel wire rope, and drag the car and the counterweight to make a relative movement, so it needs a unique elevator shaft. In addition to the cost of the home lift in Malaysia itself, the installation of a traction elevator also needs to consider the cost of shaft construction.

Malaysia Outdoor Elevator For Home

Hydraulic Type Home Lift

A hydraulic elevator is a household elevator with a simple structure and easy maintenance. It does not need shafts, machine rooms, or pits. It is suitable for villas with 2-4 floors. In recent years, hydraulic elevators have developed rapidly in Malaysia. For many families, it is An affordable home elevator that does not require regular maintenance or a dedicated hoistway and can be installed anywhere in the room.

Malaysia Cheap Residential Lift Elevator


The pneumatic elevator is also called a vacuum elevator. It uses air pressure to move up and down, and the car drives in a vacuum pipeline. The vehicle of the pneumatic elevator is glass, which adds a lot of modern feeling to the room. The cost of home lift in Malaysia is relatively expensive, not an economical elevator, suitable for high-end private villas.

Pneumatic Residential Lift

Vertical Platform Lift

A vertical platform is also called VPL. It mainly provides up and down movement for scooters or wheelchairs. It can be placed indoors or outdoors. It is a mini home elevator and is also suitable for use in garages. The load is generally about 250-350kg. Provides access between the ground and the porch and is a space-saving solution.

wheelchair home lift

Home Lift Brand In Malaysia:

Shaftless home lift

Mlleeind mainly provides the design scheme without a hoistway, also called a Shaftless home lift, which is suitable for installation in two-story buildings, not ideal for three- or four-story house structures. At the same time, this elevator has a standard size and standard elevator decoration, which is not suitable for Customers who demand too much functionality and size.

Through Floor Vertical Platform Lift

Hydraulic home lift


Elite provides an elevator with a traditional hydraulic structure. This elevator can be installed with a hoistway, placed in the living room, bedroom or staircase, and carry 3-4 people. It is an economical household elevator

Cheap Elevator In Malaysia


Traction Home Lift

Schindler mainly provides elevators with traction structures, which require specialized hoistways and installation workers as a well-known elevator brand. The hoistway construction and installation cost are 2-3 times higher than that of traditional hydraulic elevators, and a particular machine room is required for installation. It is best to contact your building designer before this type of elevator to save on shaft costs.

mini villa home lift malaysia


Screw Home Lift

Cibeslift is a Swedish brand household elevator. It adopts a screw structure household elevator with the highest degree of safety, but the cost is also the highest, about 25000-35000 US dollars. Like the traditional hydraulic structure elevator, it does not need machine room and pit and covers a small area.

400kg home lift malaysia price


Elevator Retrofit Cost

Elevator renovation means modifying the existing house structure and adapting the existing house structure to the new home elevator. It is not very easy for the current house to transform the home elevator. If you just open holes between floors, this costs maybe 500-1500 US dollars. If you need to remove the stairs, it will cost about 1000-3000 US dollars. If you need to build a separate elevator shaft, it will probably cost about 3000-5000 US dollars in materials and labor costs. If you make an aluminum alloy elevator shaft, you need 5000-15000 US dollars.


Elevator Installation Cost


The installation cost of the elevator is 800 to 4000 US dollars, mainly depending on the type. The cost here is primarily the labor cost. Usually, the labor cost of the elevator with a simple structure will be lower. Among the elevator types we have saved above, the hydraulic elevator and The cost of elevators without shafts is relatively low, about 500-1000 US dollars, and the installation cost of vacuum elevators and screw elevators is between 1500-4000 US dollars.


Stair chair Lift


Stairlifts are divided into straight stairs and curved stairs. The cost of straight stairs and lifts is between 3000-5000 US dollars. For curved stairs, the cost of stairlifts will be significantly increased. start, and gradually increase, depending on the configuration of the stairs



How much is a single lift?

The weight of a single-person home elevator is generally around 170-250kg. It is mainly suitable for use in stairwells or bedrooms. You can use the Through-the-Floor type. The cheapest Through-the-Floor elevator is about 8,000 US dollars. Hydraulic structure single elevator can also be used; the lowest hydraulic structure single elevator price is about 6500 US dollars.


Can a hydraulic elevator fall?

The hydraulic structure of the home elevator is a safe home elevator. It is equipped with safety gear. If the elevator descends rapidly in a short time, the safety gear will play a role and firmly control the elevator on the guide rail. At the same time, the hydraulic elevator also has a speed limiter. , The fastest speed of the hydraulic elevator is generally about 0.3m/s. When the elevator speed reaches 0.4m/s, the speed limiter will take protective measures. In addition, the hydraulic elevator also has a limit switch to prevent the elevator from hitting the top. Therefore, the hydraulic elevator is also very safe, don’t worry about it falling.


How could I choose a suitable home lift?

When choosing a home elevator, you must consider the family’s budget. If the budget is limited, you can select a hydraulic home elevator. If the elevator requirements are relatively simple, you can choose a barrier-free elevator. If you want a long-term elevator, you can choose For traditional traction elevators; if you wish for high-end elevator decoration, you can consider screw elevators or vacuum elevators. In addition, when choosing a home elevator, you also need to consider the installation size and location of the home. It is best to contact the elevator company in advance. If you do not know how to choose a home elevator, you can contact LIFCORE, and we will make a plan for you.


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