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How much does a home lift cost in Indonesia (2022)

A guide to home elevator price for the Indonesia market:

When we plan to install an elevator in our home, we tend to worry about the price of the elevator and give up making the plan. However, the home elevator price is not as high as people think, the residential elevator is often more affordable, and the design of the construction works and The time is lower than people’s expectations. At present, the home elevator market is developing rapidly. Most home elevators do not need shafts and pits or even need to renovate the house. It only needs less than one square meter to two square meters of installation space. It can be placed in any corner of the room.

Next, we will discuss the factors affecting the price of home elevators in the future to help you develop a purchasing plan

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How Much Does a Home Elevator Cost?


The average cost of a home lift in Indonesia ranges from Rp150.000.000 to Rp600.000.000 depending on the number of floors served, the type of lift, and the decor requirements of the lift.

What Determines the Cost of a home elevator?


The first factor that affects the price of home lifts is the type of home elevator you choose, if you customize it, and where the elevator is installed at home.

When you choose which type of household elevator to install, you should ask yourself some questions:

Has the shaft been built in your home, and is there enough installation space?

Are you going to install elevators indoors or outdoors?

If the indoor installation is selected, has the specific installation location been determined, whether it is installed in the stairwell or needs to be installed by punching holes in the floor?

Price by Location

New Construction vs. Retrofit

The cost of installing a home elevator in an existing house will be slightly higher than that of a new building. The new house can be planned well in advance, so it is also better to estimate the price of the elevator. If it is an existing house, if you do not have enough stairs, If the installation space is large, then it will cost a certain amount of money to make holes in the floor. You need to hire an architect to build and repair the walls and ceilings. If it is a two-story elevator, the cost of opening and repairing is about Rp9.000.000 to Rp15.000.000.

Home Elevator Types

Hoistway elevators

Traditional home elevators need to move freely in a fixed shaft, so each floor needs to have a floor door, and there are folding doors and light curtains in the elevator car. A pit is needed at the bottom of the shaft as a buffer. Compared with existing houses, the new houses are easier to meet these requirements. The following are different types of shaft elevators:

Hydraulic lift

A hydraulic elevator is a typical representative of old residential elevators. It does not need pits and machine rooms. It is cheap and can be installed in existing residences. It is the first choice for two- or three-story buildings. The price of hydraulic elevators ranges from Rp120.000.000 to Rp220.000.000.

Counterweight traction elevator

The elevator car is connected to the counterweight and the vehicle by ropes. The top of the elevator needs to be driven by a gear motor, and the elevator also has specific requirements for installation space. The price of a two-story elevator ranges from Rp220.000.000 to Rp350. 000.000.

Screw elevator

The screw home elevator is a simple and safe lifting system. The car or platform of the screw elevator is connected to a driving nut. The motor drives the nut and moves up and down on the screw. The driving nut makes the lift go up when the motor rotates in one direction. Moving, when the motor rotates in the opposite direction, the driving nut makes the car drive down; most of the excellent screw elevators are imported brands such as Kone, and Cibes and the price of the screw elevator is between Rp450.000.000 to Rp900.000.000.

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Different Brand prices in Indonesia:

Here’s a look at various elevator manufacturers in Indonesia and what they offer:


Traction elevator

Kone provides traction home elevators. Its head office is located in Finland. The home elevators provided by Kone can bear 400-1000kg. It can be used for commercial or domestic use. Installation size, its price is around Rp300.000.000 to Rp450.000.000.

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Through Floor Electric Type

The advantage of Stiltz is that it occupies a small area and is only suitable for two-story buildings. The floor slab needs to be drilled to install it. It is suitable for single or two people. This elevator cannot be installed for three- or four-story buildings. Its price is between Rp400.000.000 to Rp430.000.000.

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This Motionaid is a local company in Indonesia. It mainly produces stair elevators. This kind of stair elevator can be installed without removing the stairs. It is suitable for elderly people with mobility impairments at home. The house needs to be demolished later, its price is between Rp75.000.000 and Rp150.000.000.

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Price by Storeys:

2 storey home lift price in Indonesia

The price of the two-story hydraulic home elevator is between Rp120.000.000 to Rp130.000.000, and the price of two-story traction home elevator is between Rp180.000.000 to Rp220.000.000.

3 storey home lift price in Indonesia

The price of a three-story hydraulic home elevator is between Rp150.000.000 to Rp180.000.000, and the price of a three-story traction home elevator is between Rp220.000.000 to Rp270.000.000.

4 storey home lift price in Indonesia

The price of the four-story hydraulic home elevator is between Rp180.000.000 to Rp190.000.000, and the price of a four-story traction home elevator is between Rp270.000.000 to Rp300.000.000

Home Lift Price By Cabin Finishing:

The use of different elevator cabins will have different effects on the price of the elevator. The conventional configuration of the car is made of hairline stainless steel. If it is mirror-etched stainless steel, the price of the cabin needs to be increased by Rp4.000.000. In addition, the color of stainless steel will also lead to price changes. , The price of the car made of titanium and rose gold stainless steel is Rp6.000.000 more expensive than that of an ordinary car. If the cost of the sightseeing car made of glass is about twice as high as that of the ordinary cabin, the price needs to be increased by Rp11.000.000.

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Home Elevator For the Elderly:

With the growth of age, the mobility of the elderly has attracted more and more attention, especially during the pandemic. More people are worried about the elderly and their future retirement life. Of course, strengthening physical exercise can avoid muscle pain and injury of the elderly, but we should not restrict the activities of the elderly. Household elevators can expand the range of activities of the elderly and allow them to freely enter and leave all floors; According to research, mobility is good for the body and mind of the elderly.

What is the minimum required place for a home lift?

From the experience of our ongoing projects, the space requirement for the lift is 4×4 feet. The lift comes for a minimum of 4 passengers. If for one person, the space requirement is 3×3 feet.


Which type of lift is the best for 2 passengers?

Suppose you only need an elevator for two people to be installed in a two- or three-story residence. In that case, a hydraulic elevator or a screw elevator is the first choice, because neither of the two elevators requires a pit and a machine room. If your budget is limited, it can be limited. Consider a hydraulic elevator.


How much electricity does the elevator consume?


Generally, the power-saving rated power of the strong-drive home elevator is 4KW/h, the rated power of the screw elevator is 2.2kw/h, and the power of the hydraulic elevator is about 2.2kw. The hydraulic elevator does not consume electricity in the process of descending. The power of a small general elevator is about 2kw, and a household 220V power supply can be used. Therefore, the power consumption of an elevator is similar to that of a household refrigerator, and it will not consume too much electricity.


Cost of installing a home elevator:

When choosing an elevator installation company, you can contact your elevator manufacturer in advance and ask them to provide reasonable suggestions. Most home elevator companies can give detailed quotation plans, including elevator prices and installation costs. You can choose several elevators. Install the company for comparison.

Generally, the installation cost of the residential hydraulic elevator is about rp7.500.000 to rp12.500.000. This cost is all the expenses paid to the installer but does not include other service costs, such as opening holes or dismantling stairs. The installation labor cost of a traction home elevator is about rp22.000.000 to rp40.000.000. If the number of floors increases, the installation cost will also increase.

At the same time, we should note that the elevator is both a consumable and an investment. Installing an elevator can cost you a lot of money, but it will also increase the value of your house quickly.

How often does a lift need to be serviced?

Home elevators do not require frequent maintenance like commercial elevators. The maintenance of home elevators can be determined according to the frequency of use. Generally, 2-3 times of care are required per year. The annual maintenance cost is about Rp4.000.000 to Rp7.000.000. The yearly maintenance of the household elevator with a hydraulic structure only needs to replace the hydraulic oil.

How deep is a lift pit?

Most home elevators have realized pitless, such as hydraulic and screw elevators. They can be installed without a pit, but for traction and vacuum elevators, they need a pit as support. The pit of the traction elevator is more than 500mm, and the depth of the pit is determined according to the height of the top floor.

Where should I put an elevator in my house?

The installation location of the elevator should be determined based on the indoor and outdoor space. There is enough installation space for new houses to install in any corner of the room, and planning can be made in advance. For old houses, if there is not enough installation space indoors, it can be considered. The elevator is placed outdoors, and the elevator is installed outdoors. It needs to be used with a hoistway. The hoistway can be made of an aluminum alloy glass structure or stainless steel structure, which can resist the intrusion of solid wind and rainstorms.

outdoor home lift indonesia, home elevator priceSummarize:


The price of a home elevator should be determined according to individual requirements. In addition to considering the height and number of stops, the brand and decoration style should also be considered. In Indonesia, if you just install a basic home elevator, the cost will not exceed Rp150. 000.000, if you want to get an affordable home elevator, you can contact us for a quote.


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