How Much Does a Home Lift Cost in Australia?

A home elevator can come as an excellent long-term investment. It offers you maximum convenience by taking you to the desired floor. You do not have to worry about taking the stairs with a home lift. If you have elderly people in your house, an elevator becomes necessary.

It is safe to say that a home lift saves energy and time. But, how much money do you need to get it installed?

Well, there’s no need to look further. We have gathered all the information to calculate the home lift cost in Australia. Let’s get started!

Home Lift Prices Australia – A Detailed Guide

There are various factors to consider when discussing the home lift cost in Australia. Firstly, you should know which type of elevator you want. You can either opt for a cost-effective solution or a luxurious one. The latter one will definitely cost you way more.

In addition to that, various types of elevators are available in the market. You have to consider the model, size, etc. Many companies are known for their high-quality and high-cost elevators.

However, if you were to expect a price range for elevators in Australia, it can be as low as $20,000 up to $100,000 or even more.

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With that said, let’s look at the different factors that affect the home lift prices in Australia.

Type of Elevators

When it comes to residential buildings, two types of elevators are most common. These are Pneumatic and Hydraulic. Both are entirely different in style and prices.

Pneumatic elevators are old-school with less style. They are not modern and are usually found in old homes and apartments. If you want a practical solution, this is your best option. Pneumatic lifts cost more due to their safety. Plus, these elevators are considered a good investment because they last for a long time.
Although pneumatic elevators are not sleek, you can still choose to customize them. They can have different wall finishing and ceiling. But, it will cost you way more since pneumatic lifts are already expensive.
A pneumatic elevator can start with $35,000 up to $70,000.

Luxury Pneumatic home lift

Now, let’s talk about hydraulic lifts. These are modern and are usually found in new lifestyle apartments and homes. As the name suggests, this lift works with a piston traveling inside a cylinder. It powers the lift, causing it to move through stories. Hydraulic lifts are recommended for buildings up to 6 stories high.

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  • There are two reasons why the modern lifestyle prefers hydraulic over pneumatic lifts. Firstly, they are much quieter than old lifts that make a lot of noise. Secondly, they feel modern due to their sleek wall and ceiling. Plus, you still have the option to customize them further with more features.
    A hydraulic elevator is more pocket-friendly and can fall between the price range of $20,000 to $50,000.
  • Size of The Elevator

    The size can play an integral role in deciding the home lift cost in Australia. There are some safety codes and policies to follow. Therefore, it is highly recommended to check your building before considering a home elevator.For residential buildings, 18 sq. ft is the limit for an elevator. You can, however, accommodate the space depending on your building. You also have to consider the number of emergency lifts and fire protection codes in Australia. These policies help you limit accidents and identify the number of people the elevator can accommodate.

    You will find various sizes of lifts in the market, starting from one person. An elevator that can carry a single person costs around $18,000 in Australia. But, you should also know that this lift can only hold a weight of up to 350 lbs.

    If you want to step up to two people, it will cost $25,000. Similarly, for three persons, it will be around $30,000. But, choosing the right size of elevator depends entirely on your family.

    For instance, you have to consider the number of family members in your home. You should also note how many turns an elevator would take to bring your family up or down the building. Or, if you have guests coming up, how many people can your lift accommodate in a single turn? That’s because if you are buying an elevator, it will not be used only by your family.


  • The Model

    If you are new to the elevator world, you might be surprised to see the new models. Several huge companies produce new lifts almost every year. These models are very different from one another.The basic difference between elevator models is the door style. You will find sliding doors in modern elevators. However, this option is more popular on the commercial side. In residential buildings, most people prefer swing doors. They look good and come in different styles. Moreover, swing doors are also less expensive than sliding doors.
    A common myth is that sliding doors is only available in hydraulic lifts. Well, that’s not the case. You will find many hydraulic lifts with swing doors too. Similarly, modern pneumatic lifts are also equipped with sliding doors.


  • Another basic feature is the structure of the lift. Modern elevators are glass-made so that you can see from all sides. While this looks good, it is less durable than a metal body option. Also, glass structure is more suitable for commercial buildings.
    However, you can go with the hybrid option. It is a metal body with glass panels on the walls and ceiling.A feature that heavily impacts the home lift prices in Australia is the design and shape. Modern lifts are based on the air vacuum model. It is a unique circular shape that offers you an unobstructed 360-degree view.
    Another benefit is that it’s less space to install. On the other hand, an old-school square elevator takes more space. The air vacuum technology is considerably lightweight and easier to install. But, the downside is that it might not be able to fit more people due to its minimal size. This type of elevator starts from $55,000.
  • The Cost of Labor

    Installing an elevator is not something you can do yourself. You will need a dedicated installation team. In most cases, the labor is provided by the company you buy the elevator from. However, there are still additional charges you should consider.

    The labor cost depends entirely on the space and elevator type. If you have a good space in your home, installing an elevator would be easier. Therefore, you can also expect a less labor cost.

    However, some elevator models are incredibly difficult to install and operate. They require a long time to fit into your home. Most of these types are usually modern elevators. Since most homes are designed on older models, installing a new home lift can be challenging. Hence, you will need to spend more money on labor costs if such is the case with you.

  • Specific Features

    Most new models come with features that you would never expect from an elevator. Like most people, you will want to get the most out of the price you spend on your lift. With modern elevators, you have more options.

    These are safer and come with a longer lifespan. However, they are also designed to be much quicker than older lifts. If you have someone in your home in a wheelchair, you will have to consider the pit size. It will help you decide whether it is the right option for your family or not.

    Similarly, some elevator colors can cost more than others. People usually opt for matching colors with their houses. While it does look good, it can be extra costs on an already expensive elevator.

    People also look for modern and stylish elevators. That’s mainly because an old lift might affect the overall aesthetics of your home. For instance, if you have a home-based on a modern lifestyle, choosing an obsolete elevator-style will heavily impact the environment. But, this can also be a pivotal factor in deciding the home lift cost in Australia.

    Another feature most people look for is customization. If a lift is customizable, you can change its appearance according to the changes you make in your home. It will save you money from buying a new elevator just to match the color and design of your building.

Which Elevator Should You Buy?

Now, it all comes down to your personal needs and requirements. You have to consider your home for available space and your family members. Based on that, you can decide which lift size, design, structure, and model suit you the best. However, choosing a more durable option is recommended as it can help you through multiple years without any issue.


It is safe to conclude that the home lift prices in Australia depend entirely on your requirements. You can choose a modern elevator that starts at around $50,000 (excluding labor). In contrast, you can opt for a practical solution for your convenience at around $38,000.


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