home lift for elderly in china

Home lift for elderly and disabled

A home lift is used to provide mobility solutions for the disabled (people with disabilities or mobility disabilities). It can be installed in homes, apartments, and other buildings with accessible and customized mobility solutions.

At present, elevators are also installed in luxury residential, villa, commercial, and office buildings, suitable for the elderly and the handicapped and those expected to need elevators shortly.

LIFCORE home elevator provides you with all the ways to get into your home. They allow the elderly or disabled to overcome the obstacles of stairs and let them choose to live independently. Solve the burden of life for you.

home elevator for wheelchair lift

The traditional home elevator has a basic configuration, including the specific lifting of 30-40 feet, five stops, standard size, 800-pound load-bearing, and 0.3m/s speed. According to your choice, the elevator can be installed indoors or outdoors. You can install it in a standard shaft or open outdoor space.

We provide multiple decoration options for the elevator to match your indoor environment, from the control panel to the ceiling, depending on your requirements.

They also do not need a separate computer room, occupying up to one square meter of indoor space. Usually, the home elevator can also be installed anywhere in the home.

Another advantage of installing a home lift at home is that it provides convenience for the elderly and dramatically improves the sales value of your home when you decide to sell your house.

Stair elevators also offer a cheaper alternative to home elevators in your home. The stair elevator is excellent and usually safe for the elderly, but the price is higher than the household elevator, and the installation is more complex.

home lift for elderly in china

Installing a home lift can benefit the seniors or disabled in many ways:

With the development of society, Home lifts began to be popularized in ordinary families. In the past, Home elevators were more like a luxury. Many families could not afford this cost. At present, the audience of household elevators is wider. In the past, household elevators that only the rich could afford were used by people in more industries.

As a means of transportation for family travel, the home elevator changes people’s dependence on stairs and has become an everyday lifestyle. Now residents are increasingly accepting of installing a home lift indoors, making their lives more comfortable and increasing the future value of the real estate.

The senior or the disabled at home benefit from installing a home lift. The home elevator shortens their travel time and distance. Initially, they may constantly live on a fixed floor. Now they can change floors at will, which improves their pride as family members and increases their self-confidence, Be able to participate in family activities more actively.

  • Save the physical strength of the elderly: the elderly and people with mobility disabilities are subject to physical conditions, and their actions are not particularly flexible. For them, carrying heavy objects or cleaning their clothes will consume a lot of physical strength, especially when they enter a higher floor from the first floor, they have to bear the weight of objects on one hand and overcome the spacing between stairs, on the other hand, The emergence of home lifts has dramatically reduced their working time and alleviated their fatigue.
  • Reduce the occurrence of accidents: the disabled or the elderly themselves have difficulty moving, and they need the best care at home. When they are old, their bones may become fragile, and the elderly are not very sharp in legs and feet. They have to consume their physical strength every time they go up and down the stairs. If the stairs at home are set too steep, there are safety risks such as wrestling. Installing a household elevator can reduce their leg activities. If they fall from the stairs or fall while carrying daily items, it will aggravate their aging and increase the additional burden on the family.

Installing home lifts is a good choice for the elderly! It is a small household elevator. Although it is small compared with ordinary home elevators, its safety is not inadequate, even more, substantial than the commercial elevator. When the old man takes the bus, he doesn’t have to worry about what to do if there is a power failure because a UPS backup battery is installed in the elevator. If the old man really runs out of power, the elevator will use the backup battery to send the old man to the adjacent floor to ensure that the old man can leave safely. So you can rest assured to work in the office without worrying about the elderly falling down the stairs!

  • It provides a quiet environment for the elderly:

Old people don’t like the lively atmosphere like young people. They like quiet. If ordinary home elevators are installed, ordinary home elevators, especially screw elevators, the noise they bring will disturb the daily rest of the old people and affect their physical condition for a long time. The hydraulic household elevator will not have these effects after installation. Its noise is almost zero, and it will not have too much vibration sound. Installing it is the best choice for the elderly!

wheelchair home lift for elderly

What factors should be considered when buying a home lift for the disabled and elderly for the first time?

1. Select the home lifts with the appropriate structure

The domestic elevator is different from the large commercial elevator. The residential structure determines that the domestic elevator generally adopts the inorganic room domestic elevator structure. The pump station and control cabinet of the home elevator can be installed at a position of 3M near the hoistway without building another machine room, which can save the construction cost and building space to the greatest extent and modify the beauty of the building.

2. Select the door opening mode suitable for the home elevator

The residential elevator door opening mode is divided into manual and automatic doors, which can be selected according to the family’s actual needs. Generally speaking, the side opens automatic door style can be set for the residential elevator, saving more space. The side-opening automatic door can keep the construction area to the greatest extent and make use of the width of the shaft as much as possible. At the same time, it can be convenient for the disabled and the elderly with inconvenient movement, which also reflects the humanized design consideration. But the cost of this kind of automatic door is higher than that of an ordinary manual entry.

3. Select safe home lifts

Household elevators have higher requirements for safety. To prevent sudden power failure or failure during elevator operation, Home elevators with automatic rescue devices and automatic dialing configurations are selected to ensure the safety of families to the greatest extent. General brand household elevators will be equipped with emergency power-ups and speed limiters to prevent the risk of elevator stall or roof impact.

4. Select a brand with reliable after-sales maintenance

When purchasing, you should know whether there is a video for installation guidance when you need to install a household ladder; Whether there is a professional and efficient maintenance team when the maintenance date of the home elevator is reached; Whether the owner can get timely and effective feedback from the elevator manufacturer when he wants to ask about operation problems.

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