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Home lift Design – The best way to future proof your home forever

More and more individuals are opting to install a LIFCORE Home Lift as a method to ‘future proof’ their home when they reach middle age, giving them the peace of mind that they will be able to remain in their home even if they develop mobility concerns later in life. People who have selected a home for the rest of their lives want it to be exactly that. For many people, the prospect of making an upsetting shift in the future, leaving the home where they would have raised their family and created all of their fondest memories, is simply unthinkable. The ideal answer is to upgrade their property with a fashionable home lift design that can be enjoyed right away while also preventing the need to relocate later.

Is it worthwhile to put a lift in one’s home?

Yes, there are a variety of reasons why owners do not want to relocate in their senior years, including a desire to maintain a feeling of community with their neighbors, a desire to be active in their town, and a desire to keep their family doctor. Many people are adamant about not downsizing or envisioning living in a bungalow. Installing a house lift eliminates the necessity for this and the costs and disruption of relocating. It’s also more appealing than installing a stairlift in the staircase.

home lift design

How do we choose a home lift?

The most obvious reason for anyone to purchase a home lift is to improve access and mobility, and this should be your primary consideration when choosing one. However, there are a few more key factors to consider while selecting the best home lift design:

  • Adaptability
  • Effortless
  • beneficial to the user
  • Safety


Making the ideal house elevator can be a thrilling and enjoyable endeavor. Each part can be customized to fit your home’s style and aesthetic. There are numerous styles, fittings, interiors, doors, and gates to pick from, and the customizing possibilities are endless.

Home lifts are meant to provide you with the same level of comfort and mobility as traditional lifts, but they have a few advantages that make them a superior choice.

small home lift design

For a Contemporary Foyer, a Suction Elevator

Our customer wanted an elevator that was not only efficient but also attractive as part of their entranceway. This luxurious elevator was custom built to complement their existing home. Its trendy yet traditional look complements it nicely. The homeowners chose a pitless design to keep building costs low. As the homeowners wander between the floors of their homes, the self-supporting shaft provides panoramic views.

Glass Lift in a Modern Industrial Setting

We erected a Symmetry house lift in black metal and glass for this modern luxury home. The black metal trim and crystal shaft wall integrate seamlessly into this contemporary loft home design. Our client was delighted to have their luxury home automatic doors and gates personalized. The metal scissor gate not only adds to the elevator’s attractiveness but also gives it a more industrial vibe.

Elevator with Wood and Glass Accents

I collaborated in the creation of a magnificent lift addition to our health care facility as part of this stunning refurbishment. Take note of how the wood interior of the luxury residential elevator matches the home’s hardwood staircase and handrails. LIFCORE Lift’s elevators are both sophisticated and created to complement your home, with a wide range of bespoke design possibilities.

Traditional and modern glass features are incorporated into Luxury Accessibility’s luxury house elevator design. The pass-through design also gave our client convenient access to the rest of the house. This elevator design is completed by considerably differ such as the wide glass windows and beautiful tiled floor.

Elevator made of glass with meticulous attention to detail

The luxury home lift design is likewise finished with custom-tiled elevator car flooring, and the elevator trim matches the stair rails precisely. Anyone riding in it gets a spectacular view of the elegant brick walls and grand staircase thanks to its glass tube construction.

chinese home lift

Elevator in a Contemporary Residence

The final luxury home elevator incorporates both modern and rustic elements. LIFCORE Lift was ecstatic at the prospect of installing an elevator in such a cool and unusual shaftway. The door handle is complemented by old bronze fittings. The handrail was specially painted to match the car’s interior wall, resulting in a uniform interior aesthetic. A sleek flat panel and extended flooring are also featured inside the vehicle.

For those who desire to renovate their multi-story house, the sophistication of a home elevator provides convenience and accessibility. When constructing a personal elevator, we take our clients’ opinions and ideas very seriously at LIFCORE Lift. Fixture variations, interior options, and gate and entrance options are among the customizations available.

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