Malaysia home lift cheap cost

How much cost of home lift in malaysia (2024)

Many Malaysian homeowners will ask, “what is the cost of installing a home lift in Malaysia” when considering the household elevator, but this question is difficult for many household elevator manufacturers to answer because the home lift is not a separate component; it is like family decoration. Everyone has different interior design styles, and the elevator needs to be customized in many aspects, The change of class can affect the final price. Still, with the development of home elevators, more and more Malaysians can afford a household elevator. Many people begin to import a home lift from China because even counting the Shipping time; it will not take more than a month to import a household elevator from China.

In Malaysia, many people do not consider the cost of installing a home lift when designing their houses, which will increase the cost of the house. If you create the elevator shaft in advance, when the elderly need an elevator in the future, they can easily install an elevator at a low cost. Before installing the elevator, the elevator shaft can be used as a storage room or shelter.


Factors affecting home lift price:

1. Driving mode of the elevator

Screw elevator

Malaysia screw home lift

The screw elevator uses the motor as the power source. The motor is connected with the nut through the belt, and the nut tooth pattern is engaged with the screw tooth pattern. When the motor works, the nut is driven to move on the screw to operate the lift car up and down.



(1) Low civil engineering requirements. The screw home elevator has no provisions for top floor height and bottom pit. The pit only needs 50mm. It can be installed directly on the original ground without damaging the original civil structure of the house

For the top floor, because there is no lift car structure, the half-height door structure can be adopted for the top floor, and only 2m space is required for the regular access of users.

(2) High space utilization. A screw household elevator is a platform elevator without a car structure and high space utilization. Especially in the vertical direction of the shaft, there are almost no requirements for the top floor and pit.

  • High safety, no risk of falling ladder. The cooperation between the inclined thread on the screw and the nut forms a natural braking mode.
Cons of screw elevators:

(1) Poor stability of operation: the longer the screw length, the more complex the screw processing is, and the worse the stability of the screw during operation.

(2) The main parts are highly specialized. The structure and accessories of screw home lifts are pretty different from traction elevators. Its screw, guide rail, guide shoe, and driving parts are different from the traditional traction elevator.

(3) The noise is relatively high. Because the screw moves up and down depending on the bite of the gear, the gear will produce a lot of noise in the process of movement, so the screw elevator wants to be noisier than other home elevators

(4) High installation accuracy is required. Due to the use of a screw drive, the screw top fixed part, middle driving position, and bottom fixed position are required to be collinear and perpendicular to the horizontal plane during installation, and the installation accuracy is very high

(5) The cost is relatively high. Most screw elevators come from Europe, such as some high-end brands in Sweden. Their price is about 40000 to 80000 US dollars. Many Malaysians can’t afford such a high cost.

Traction Elevator

The traction elevator pulls the car back and forth by the counterweight, and the motor only gives a little force, which is similar to the principle of moving the pulley.

Malaysia traction elevator

Advantages of traction elevator:


High safety. There is a lift car to bring a sense of security to passengers. Various safety components and multiple safety measures fully protect passengers.

It is quiet and stable. The traction drive is quiet. The permanent magnet synchronous host has no reduction box, and there will be no mechanical sound of gear friction.

Long service life because the counterweight is used to balance the lift car, and the movable pulley structure prolongs the service life of the elevator.

Disadvantages of traction elevator:


The requirements for civil engineering should be high. For example, if the top floor height of the customer’s house is too low (less than 2600), it cannot be installed, and the depth of the foundation pit should be more than 250mm.

The occupied space size is large (the utilization rate of the hoistway is 56%), the lift car occupies a particular space, and the counterweight needs to be added, so two tracks need to be added, so it takes up a little more space than the elevators on other platforms.

Complex installation: because the structure of a regular traction elevator is complex and there are many control parts, driving parts, and safety parts, a more complicated installation process, and more experience are required.

The maintenance cost is relatively high. Traction elevators need exceptional elevator maintenance technicians for regular maintenance. Each maintenance is a lot of expenditure. Therefore, most residential houses or villas in Malaysia do not install traction elevators. Traction elevators are mainly used as commercial elevators. In addition, the cost of installing a traction home lift in Malaysia is about the US $20000 to the US $40000.

Hydraulic Elevator

Hydraulic elevator refers to the elevator that uses the hydraulic power source to put the oil pressure into the oil cylinder to make the plunger move in a straight line and directly or indirectly move the lift car up and down through the steel wire rope. The structure of a hydraulic elevator is relatively simple: it is mainly composed of a pump station system, hydraulic system, control system, lift car system, safety protection system, etc. Hydraulic elevators were introduced in Europe and America. With the expansion of the Malaysian market, many local elevator factories in Malaysia also began to produce hydraulic elevators.

Malaysia home lift cheap cost

Advantages of hydraulic elevator


Good safety, high reliability, and easy maintenance. In addition to the safety device of an ordinary traction elevator, the hydraulic elevator is also equipped with:

  1. Overflow valve. It can prevent the pressure from being too high when the elevator runs upward.
  2. In case of power failure, the emergency manual valve can make the car descend to the nearest floor position in an emergency and automatically open the landing door to make the passengers walk out of the vehicle safely.
  3. Emergency power supply: if the elevator suddenly loses power, the UPS standby power supply can continue working.
  4. Pipeline rupture valve, hydraulic system pipeline rupture, can automatically cut off the oil circuit when the car stalls and drops.
  5. Heavy load. The power-to-weight ratio of the hydraulic system is enormous, so the load capacity of elevators of the exact specification is relatively large.
  6. Low noise. The noise of the hydraulic system is about 30 dB, which does not affect the rest of the elderly and children at home.

With an electromagnetic lock, the landing door cannot be opened during the operation of the elevator to avoid someone entering the elevator shaft

  1. For stall control, the speed of the home elevator is generally limited to less than 0.3m/s. When the elevator’s descending speed or rising speed reaches 0.4m/s, the speed governor will stop the elevator.


Disadvantages of the hydraulic elevator:

The hydraulic elevator is generally used in villas or residential buildings with less than five floors and can be installed indoors or outdoors. If your floor height exceeds 15m, it is not recommended to install the hydraulic elevator.

The price of the hydraulic elevator is about 6000-10000 US dollars, which is very suitable for Malaysian families. The later maintenance cost of a home lift in Malaysia is relatively low, and the hydraulic oil can be replaced by yourself.


2. Numbers of stops


The number of stops is an important factor affecting the price of home lifts. The more the number of landing stations, the higher the home elevator price. The home elevator price is not calculated according to the number of stops, and the increase in the number of stations will not double the price of a home elevator. The number of stations only affects a small part of the price of home lifts.


In the estimation of general household elevators, the prices of the second floor, the third floor, the fourth floor, and the fifth floor are different, that is, taking the cost of a home lift in Malaysia on the second floor as the benchmark price, the price of each additional floor will increase by 500-1000 US dollars. Because the hydraulic system, control system, pump station, speed governor, safety gear, lift car and lift car are all basic configurations, this part of the equipment is the introductory standard price of a home lift. Only one layer of door device, guide rail, and cable is added to each layer, and the cost of added equipment is the price increase of each layer. Therefore, no matter how many landing stations are, only one set of basic configurations is required for the domestic elevator, and the addition of a landing station only needs the equipment needed for this landing station. The impact of the landing station on the domestic traction elevator is only the additional price of the landing station. The customer cannot think that the extra cost of the landing station will be doubled.


3. Traveling height:


The increase in lifting height means that the number of materials used will increase. Home elevators’ lifting height and price are usually calculated in meters or feet. Generally, the height of floors is about 10-12 feet. If the size of each floor is too large, additional fees will be charged. For example, if you only stop at two stops, but the size of each floor is 20 feet, Then the elevator supplier will charge a certain additional material fee.


4. Elevator decoration


Interior decoration


For the interior decoration of elevator cars, many people buy the stainless steel car wall of the household elevator, safer than glass. There are two kinds of stainless steel materials, one is hairline stainless steel, and the other is mirror stainless steel. Mirror stainless steel is like a mirror, giving people a beautiful feeling; the price is high because of its complex process.


Sightseeing glass is mainly used in domestic sightseeing elevators. Its advantage is good daylighting permeability. According to the different glass materials used, 1000-2000 dollars higher than stainless steel. There is almost no difference between the price of a glass car and stainless steel car for elevators with hydraulic structures. However, the decorative disadvantage of sightseeing glass is that all parts inside the elevator can be seen during the operation of the elevator. In addition, because the space of the home elevator is relatively small, if the later elevator glass is stuck with dust, some spare parts are not easy to clean, and the overall beauty is not as good as that of stainless steel car elevator.

Different doors:


The commonly used doors are made of stainless steel or glass for traction elevators. Generally, glass doors are 200-300 US dollars per square meter, more expensive than stainless steel. Most of the hydraulic elevators are manual swing doors, which are cheaper. The automatic doors of hydraulic elevators are divided into single swing automatic doors and double swing automatic doors; these two kinds of doors are more than $500. In addition, the automatic door of the hydraulic elevator can also use stainless steel sliding door. The price of this door is also higher than that of an automatic double door. However, with the number of floors, the sliding door has a higher cost performance.

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