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Cost of 2 story home elevator for residential house (2024)

Two-story home elevators The installation space required for residential elevators are not as large as people think. Even if it can accommodate a wheelchair, it does not need two square meters. Manufacturers of home elevators have begun to consider manufacturing various types of elevators at the elevator design stage Types of home elevators meet our living environment; for most families, most of their houses are two-story buildings so that they can match their elevators.

When discussing what kind of elevator to choose, we are most concerned about the price of the elevator. The following is the home elevator price currently suitable for installing two-story residential buildings.

price of residential 2 story elevator

Home elevators for two-story homes cost between $4,000-$35,000

Simple platform elevator:

For example, the Savaria platform elevator, which belongs to the brand elevator, according to the different load and height, the price ranges from 7000-15000 US dollars; Savaria uses an electric drive platform, which can load wheelchairs and passengers, if your budget is limited Choose a platform elevator with hydraulic structure, it costs 4000-6000 US dollars, this structure of home elevator is very suitable for two-story buildings, and you don’t have to worry about its installation location, it can be used indoors and outdoors.

Shaftless Home Elevator:

What is a shaftless home elevator?

The shaftless elevator is a compact home elevator; it is designed for easy movement between two floors in the home, it is also known as a through-the-wall elevator, which can be used in narrow installation spaces, and does not require a lot of construction before installation. The fixed point of the home elevator is on the floor, or there is one side against the wall. This type of home elevator often adopts standard configuration and decoration. Except for the height that can be customized, other configurations are standard. Of course, the manufacturer will design several sizes for customers to choose from according to the size of the customer. Shaftless elevators can accommodate one person, and frameless elevators can accommodate multiple people or are used by wheelchair users.

As the representative of shaftless elevators, the prices of Stiltz and the American brand Arrow are also relatively high, ranging from $20,000 to $35,000.

Electric Drive Shaftless Home Elevator:

Stiltz adopts a motor-driven structure. The motor drives the wire rope for traction to make the car run up and down. It can be connected to the household power supply. A safety cover can be installed on the top to fill the hole with a nude hole, and the car has installation touches up and down. If someone or an animal appears, the device can stop running in time.

Hydraulic-driven frameless elevator:

As a traditional elevator, the hydraulic structure has a wide market in Europe and Australia. The hydraulic elevator transmits the hydraulic oil to the cylinder through the pressure of the pump station. As the cylinder moves up and down, the car also moves. This kind of elevator The advantage is that the cost is relatively low, the safety factor is high, and the hydraulic elevator does not consume electricity during the descending process, so this structure is relatively energy-saving. The price of the shaftless elevator with a hydraulic system is 6000-8000 US dollars.

shatless home elevator

Screw-type shaftless elevator


Screw elevators, like hydraulic elevators, have obvious advantages as home elevators. Screw elevators have small installation dimensions, requiring less than one square meter of space. At the same time, they can be installed without a pit and machine room. The household elevators with screw structures have very high safety. If the elevator encounters power failure or emergencies, the screw structure elevator will not suddenly stall, because the screw will move in the opposite direction. Therefore, the screw elevator is also a kind of safety elevator, but the price of the screw elevator is relatively high. The cost of the screw elevator applicable to the two-story residence is between 15000 and 25000 dollars.


The elevator used by the disabled is also known as the wheelchair elevator. The wheelchair elevator is also a kind of platform elevator. This platform elevator is surrounded by a half-high car for protection. Because there are no lighting facilities, this elevator can be used outdoors. Its whole body structure can be 304 stainless steel or aluminum alloy, which can resist wind and rain erosion. For the elevator used by the disabled or handicapped people, Its lifting height is about 1-3 meters, which can be placed in the corridor or on steps. The price of an accessible elevator for the disabled is 3500 to 6000 dollars.

Standard Glass Shaft Elevator:

Elevator with traditional traction structure:

The elevator with a traction structure is not cost-effective for a two-story building, but many people know that elevators start with traction elevators. If you have not contacted hydraulic elevators or screw elevators before, you will think that household elevators need a lot of installation space, because traction elevators need more than 2 square meters of installation size. If you take the frame, it needs to take up a larger size, Because the traction elevator needs a drive motor, the traction elevator has high requirements for the thickness and hardness of the frame. Generally, the traction elevator needs an aluminum alloy frame with a wall thickness of 3.5mm or a stainless steel frame with a wall thickness of 4mm. The price of the traction elevator with the frame is 18000-25000 dollars. If you have requirements for the load bearing of the elevator, the motor brand, or the car finish, the price will also increase accordingly

Hydraulic structural frame elevator

Hydraulic elevators with frames are generally suitable for outdoor installation environments because hydraulic elevators with frame can resist the erosion of wind and rain, and the glass frame is like a protective umbrella to protect the operation of the elevator. For a two-story house, increase The frame structure does not increase the cost too much. The frame installed outdoors can be made of aluminum alloy. Just like aluminum alloy windows, the wall thickness of the frame needs to be more than 2.5mm. If an aluminum alloy frame with a wall thickness of 3mm is used, it will not be. It needs to be installed against the wall, suitable for two-story residential elevators. If it is installed outdoors, its price is 8,000-13,000 US dollars, so the affordability of hydraulic elevators is better than that of other structures of residential elevators.

The impact of different finishes on the price of the 2-floor elevator:

Car Material:

The standard configuration is also that the home elevator is made of hairline stainless steel and the floor is made of PVC.

2 story home elevator cabin

If mirror stainless steel material is used, if mirror etched stainless steel material is used, each side of the car wall needs to add 200-300 US dollars

2 floor home elevator cost

For the car with sightseeing glass, it needs to add 1500-2000 US dollars

2 floor residential elevator price

Best residential home elevators for 2-floor house:

Best Overall:Savaria

Savaria is a Canadian home elevator manufacturer. It is a barrier-free elevator equipment manufacturer that meets the needs of all-round barrier-free access. It focuses on easily solving the problem of the elderly going up and down the stairs, the disabled up and down the stairs, the disabled at home, and providing villa elevators and hotels with disabilities. The best solution for human barrier-free devices

Best Design: Stiltz

The home villa elevator is simple and versatile, with strong space applicability, suitable for every family. The Stiltz home villa elevator can not only allow you to go up and down the stairs at home, but also will not destroy or affect the existing style and decoration mode of your house, Stiltz The home villa elevator is compact, elegant and generous, which is very suitable for the installation of two-story residences

Best Affordability: Lifcore

As a home elevator manufacturer in China, Lifcore mainly produces hydraulic elevators and traction structure home elevators. The elevators it exports are highly affordable and suitable for use in 2-story private houses or villas. Lifcore home elevators are not limited by the installation location and shaft structure, and can be installed in any corner of the room, or installed outdoors against the wall.

How Much Space Is Needed for a 2 Floor Residential Elevator?


The installation space of a two-story home elevator is determined according to the type of elevator and the number of passengers. The traditional traction elevator requires more than 1500*2000 installation space and requires a machine room and a pit. If you choose a screw elevator or a hydraulic elevator, it is not only To the installation space of 1500*1500mm, if you only take one person’s home elevator, the minimum installation size of the hydraulic elevator can be 1000*700mm.

How much does the installation labor cost for installing a two-story elevator?


If it is a hydraulic structure home elevator, choose a hydraulic elevator without a frame structure, and the labor cost for the installation of the two-story building elevator is between 800-1200 US dollars. If the frame structure hydraulic elevator, the installation labor cost of the two-story building elevator is 1000- Between $1500, if you need a home elevator with a traction structure, the installation cost of a two-story building elevator is between $1500-2500.

How much does it cost to maintain a two-story residential elevator every year?


The maintenance of home elevators depends on the frequency and duration of use of the elevator. At the same time, the maintenance period required for different types of home elevators is also different. For two-story hydraulic structure home elevators, it can be maintained for half a year or a year according to the frequency of use. The maintenance cost is about 100 US dollars. For the elevator of the two-story traction structure, it needs to be maintained every 3-6 months, and the annual maintenance cost is 200-400 US dollars. To protect the elevator, it is worth noting that as the service life of the elevator increases, we should appropriately increase the number of maintenance to reduce the failure rate of home elevators.

Can an elevator be installed in an existing home?


The installation of a two-story elevator does not mean the removal of the wall or large-scale damage to the building structure. Before installing the elevator, we can find the installation location in advance. For example, the stairs are a suitable installation location. A square space can accommodate a home elevator for a small hydraulic elevator or screw elevator. Of course, if you want to expand the bearing capacity of the elevator, You need to accurately measure the size of the stairs. Not every household elevator is suitable for indoor installation. If you want a quiet environment or sufficient indoor space, outdoor home elevators are also a good choice.




[1] Lim, J.H. and Dong, H.P. (2007) Optimal Periodic Preventive Maintenance Schedules with Improvement Factors Depending on Number of Preventive Maintenances. Asia-Pacific Journal of Operational Research, 24, 111-124.


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